My name is Anjin Anhut and I’m a design industry veteran with more than 12 years of freelance projects under my belt, developing unique styles, systems, characters and worlds, as well as telling compelling stories. Welcome to my portfolio.

I work with game companies, comic publishers, film studios, architects, advertisers, design agencies and various other industries, filling many creative roles, ranging from project ideation and art lead to content generation and teacher. Utilizing the language of comics, games, animation, epic sci-fi and fantasy, I love to inspire, engage, thrill and entertain audiences of all ages.

phone: (+49) 030 61 62 14 19
Anjin Anhut
Wönnichstrasse 10
10317 Berlin

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How To Not Suck At Game Design

work experience

education: self-taught designer
2004 – now: freelance artist
2006 – now: freelance artist, animation artist and game designer
2009 – 2014: art director, co-owner of Playotope game studio.
2010 – now: freelance teacher and project supervisor at Games Academy


Medienboard, funding for innovative audiovisual content for browser game Dein Block
Medienboard, funding for innovative audiovisual content for Forests of Eden
Medienboard, funding for innovative audiovisual content for Die Legende Der Goldenen Konsole
Gründerwerkstatt Beuth Hochschule, start-up grant for browser game Treasure Joe


  • concept art and visual development for games, interactive media, film, animation, comic and illustration
  • IP development, character design, world building
  • art direction, lead art, style guides, art production management, tool development
  • illustration, 2D game art, lo-spec 3D, 2D animation, UI design
  • story design, storyboarding, game design, system design, comics


  • painting and drawing, traditional, digital, inks, paints, pencils
  • 2D and 3D previsualization, 3D reference maquettes, fast sketching, photo montage
  • design documentation, benchmark art, style guides, prototyping


  • Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • zBrush, Marmoset Toolbag, Blender, Substance Painter
  • Unity, Unreal, Spine
  • several smaller specialized audio, video, 3D and imaging applications