In addition to my visual design work, I frequently provide consulting services and game design to various institutes, production companies and studios.

In the past, I helped architects, schools, museums, advertising agencies, game studios, TV and film productions, non-profit organizations and many more find strategies, set up productions and define visions. I coached hundreds of students over the years and am frequently booked as public speaker or for academic purposes.

This is over a decade of expertise.

If you have a project and need expert input on your production pipelines, workflows, art, interaction design, entertainment design or pop-culture history, we should talk.

consulting and game design services

  • creative consulting, story design, sequential storytelling, pitching, pre-visualization
  • production pipelines, team structures, project supervision, quality assurance
  • public speaking, workshops, lectures, team coaching, individual mentoring
  • IP development, product strategy, character design, branding, world building
  • game design, system design, game design documentation, prototyping, serious games
  • art history, game history and culture, comic history, film