A big chunk of what I do is creating content, of course. But I also frequently do consulting work.

Game studios, publishing houses, production companies, schools and students, architects, museums, advertising agencies and more have benefitted from more than 12 years of project experience.

I do consulting, speaking and teaching, depending on the needs of the client and project. I help solve game design problems, establish production pipelines, teach digital production and media history, as well as help improve art direction and communication.

My consulting style is hands on. That means I not only bring knowledge and experience to the table but also actively push forward with self-made prototypes and a wide range of pre-visualisation and layout methods.

From the early conception of a project to planning, pitch, production and application, I can help your idea reach its potential.

Below are some selected snapshots of what I did in the last years. If you have a project going right now or on the horizon, ask me about what I can do for you.

The gallery here contains images © Games Academy, © DOHI Sweden, © ARTE, © EA Games.